The following artworks have already been created as part of a pilot stage funded by local businesses and festivals:

  • ‘Nelson the Elephant’ – a full-sized Indian elephant puppet commissioned by the Bishop’s Castle Michaelmas Fair in 2015 to celebrate the Town Hall’s 250th anniversary and created by local artist Bamber Hawes;
  • Nelson’s daughter, ‘Little Lucy’ was created by Bamber Hawes in 2018;
  • Bishop’s Castle Michaelmas Fair has developed a partnership with Circus Raj and the Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band from Rajasthan in India. These amazing performers have brought their shows to the Town on several occasions
  • ‘Winnie the Wintles Mammoth’ – a giant brushwood sculpture created by Bamber Hawes and sited on the Wintles hillside. This was featured extensively on BBC TV West Midlands ‘Today’ and Shropshire Radio in May 2019;
  • a giant LED-lit elephant lantern commissioned by the Michaelmas Fair in autumn 2019;
  • Local poet Jean Atkins was asked to be BBC Local Poet for Shropshire for National Poetry Day 2019. Here is her poem about elephants strolling down Shropshire lanes, all the way from Dawley to Bishop’s Castle YouTube Video