Trail Map

What to see:

  1. The 18th century Clive family crest monument
  2. The Foxholes Metal Elephant – by Ben Ashton
  3. Winnie the Mammoth – by Bamber Hawes
  4. Elephant in the Room sculptural seat by Jill Impey – (summer weather only)
  5. The Castle Hotel Gatehouse Elephant Mural – by Grace Jandrell
  6. The Giant Elephant Mural – by Bamber Hawes and Jamie Furber
  7. The Stained Glass Elephant – by Helen Robinson
  8. The Marching Elephants – by Bamber Hawes 
  9. Chris Groombridge Elephant Heads sculpture – by Chris Groombridge
  10. The 6 Bells Elephant – by Nancy Farrington

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